These web pages are all about scratch building an r/c 'MB Unimog U2150' truck in 1/8 scale. The project was started during winter 200/2001.
On 11. February 2002 , the English pages have been discontinued due to a relatively low visitor frequency from Non-German speaking visitors and the steady growth of the German written content whose translation absorbed too much of the (scarce) spare time.

However, you are most welcome to ask any kind of question related to the subject in English. Simply drop me an Email to makau@tiscalinet.ch.

To make the site-navigation for Non-German speakers somehow possible, the following overview shall give you an idea about the site content and its structure by transalting and explaining the various manu points on the left.

In this section, the prototype of a Unimog U2150 which formed the basis for my modelling project is being presented in form of a photo serie and a short listing of the technical data. The photos have been taken to show as many details as possible. All photos can enlarged by a mouse-click on them. The enlarged photo will then be displayed in a separate pop-up window.
This chapter deals with two main subjects: The planning of my model and some theory behind. The planning aspect is based mainly on toughts I've made before starting and during the modeling project (i.e. what kind of gearboxes exist and what type would be suitable to model, how to calculate the necessary reductions). The theory aspect comprises some basics, which, I believe, are very helpful for decision making (i.e. how does an electro motor work and which factors are of importance for the future model.)
Under this chapter, one can find all descriptions and photos of the model components such as chassis, drive train components, gearbox and so on. As can be seen, the progress is rather slow which is a result of being in the middle of the working life...
Here, a variety of web (re)sources related to model engineering. Focus is mainly on scratch building issues.
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions... and Answers of course)
Having received many questions since the project start, I've decided to list those which are being asked most often.
UNI v. TH.Heike (--> Unimog-Models from Other Model Engineers)
I am happy to be able to present some Unimog models from other model engineers which have already finished their projects, long before I have started. For everyone who needs some more inspiration or motivation - have a look and enjoy. (Again: They are not mine.)